I’ve got 99 Problems….

So – I’ve got 99 Problems. (More like just one I suppose.)

Here’s a short-ish rant. 

I have a fifteen year old brother who is like me in only ONE way. 

You guessed it. World. Of. Warcraft. 

I absolutely have a thing of playing a hot night-elf, to be honest. LOL. 

Sadly, with college and when I was working 10-12 hour shifts in a factory (night shift, no less), I didn’t have time, or energy. Zzzzzzz. So my brother took over, and I’ve been okay with that.

Until the other month. Since something is wrong with his HD (the computer place in town thinks it’s slowly failing); he randomly picked up my laptop the other month. Yeah, Okay, no problem. He doesn’t snoop. And I don’t really have anything that’s utter shite on there anyways. Just a bunch of ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Star Trek’ stuff. Music, and random edits and then you have my book I’m writing, and my fanfiction. Woot. Then Sims 3 games, Star Trek Online, the new Trek game, and well, I can go on about this forever.

Okay – so, you know, I wish he’d have asked for the laptop, and I would’ve let him use it.

I get back from Columbus, go to get on it (but I decided to read a story on my iPod first), and my brother snatches it out of MY bag before I can. WTF.

I tell him, like twice, no – three times – that I need my laptop for my assignment that was due yesterday. He gives me this dirty look and takes it anyways. And what the crappy part was? Mom tells me to use HER laptop. Uhm, sorry, my report is on MINE.

Needless to say, the report wasn’t finished, and I didn’t even go to my classes cause I’ve been sick. Blah. So I missed a good Criminalistics I class and a Biology 101 test. Yay-Freaking-Me. But, what can I say? I live an HOUR from college, an Hour and a Half on a Monday morning or Friday evening, and being as crap as I was, yeah, I didn’t do anything. 


Okay – Rant over. I suppose ya’ll can understand my frustration. 15 year old sibling, acting like a smart-ass. Yeah, not needed.


This ends my rant. Check back for a new post! (I think I’ll shove one out in the next 10.)


And in the words of me…..



Ellie Mae.

PS: My quote is from Friday night, in the hotel, there was this really cute guy (I’ll tell more about my whole single-status and how great I feel right now) in the elevator, and uh, when he walked out, I basically said loudly, “OMIGawd! Tootles!” *Elevator doors close*



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