Mind-blowingly, Insane. In other words…

Okay – so, hello!

I figured I would get this out now.

While I hope to update by this coming Sunday, March 23rd, I make no promises.


Unfortunately, I have gotten a little behind in college (my focus has been on wayyyy too many other things) and I just got into a new math class to boot. Goodbye, Spring Break. So, 6 classes, 5 days a week, hello IFeelLikeSomebodyShouldShootMeI’mGoingSlightlyInsane….

I have a lot to update you all on things. Did that sound correct? Oh well. I can’t think.

My birthday, life, college, spring break, a person who; is very important to me and makes me smile thoughI’llleaveouttheirname…… 🙂

Until then,

Much Love,





Quick update/announcement. 

I’m still here y’all. Been super SUPER busy with college and other things that I have updates for. 🙂 

I’m in Indiana for Spring Break at the moment, though later on today once I’m done with college homework, I’ll be back online to update you all on things. I may have to be really vague about what’s been going on, but it’s amazing, nonetheless. 


Love Always,