Just a Mini Post…. More like, Rant.

Hello all. 

Not sure who all will end up reading this. But anyways…

It’s 10:00pm EST, July 1st 2014. And, I dunno. 

I’m just sitting here, typing this out, and trying to do my homework as well, and I just… I wanna cry. In fact, I kinda am. I don’t usually come online, talk about my problems and shit. But, I figured, I’m everybody’s therapist really. Why can’t I have one too?

That’s the wrong way to put it. I’m not LOOKING for one. I just would like to get my shit out and not keep holding it in. My boyfriend can only do so much by listening to me. I dunno, I guess I’ve just been getting angry.

I have a modeling/Acting Contract. It’s coming up 7 months out of my 12. No jobs whatsoever. I’ve even applied for them through the board. 

I run a book club called “The Book Collective” and apparently, I’m the only member in it.

I waitress.

I go to school, trying to finish my degree in Criminal Justice, but keep getting jerked around with it. Then, after getting screwed over, I get screwed over again by being reprimanded by the college because I’m “Taking too long” with my degree. Sorry if I’m NOT MADE OF MONEY…..

I feel like I’m slowly losing my friends. I rarely get to spend ANY time with my mother. She’s with her fiance a lot, or work. Or whatever.  My brother is either with his friend playing XBox, his dad’s or just doesn’t want to do diddly squat. 


And then I also feel like I’m just failing at life and maybe losing my friends while I’m at it. 


Okay. This rant is stupid. 


I’m going to go finish my homework.