Just a Mini Post…. More like, Rant.

Hello all. 

Not sure who all will end up reading this. But anyways…

It’s 10:00pm EST, July 1st 2014. And, I dunno. 

I’m just sitting here, typing this out, and trying to do my homework as well, and I just… I wanna cry. In fact, I kinda am. I don’t usually come online, talk about my problems and shit. But, I figured, I’m everybody’s therapist really. Why can’t I have one too?

That’s the wrong way to put it. I’m not LOOKING for one. I just would like to get my shit out and not keep holding it in. My boyfriend can only do so much by listening to me. I dunno, I guess I’ve just been getting angry.

I have a modeling/Acting Contract. It’s coming up 7 months out of my 12. No jobs whatsoever. I’ve even applied for them through the board. 

I run a book club called “The Book Collective” and apparently, I’m the only member in it.

I waitress.

I go to school, trying to finish my degree in Criminal Justice, but keep getting jerked around with it. Then, after getting screwed over, I get screwed over again by being reprimanded by the college because I’m “Taking too long” with my degree. Sorry if I’m NOT MADE OF MONEY…..

I feel like I’m slowly losing my friends. I rarely get to spend ANY time with my mother. She’s with her fiance a lot, or work. Or whatever.  My brother is either with his friend playing XBox, his dad’s or just doesn’t want to do diddly squat. 


And then I also feel like I’m just failing at life and maybe losing my friends while I’m at it. 


Okay. This rant is stupid. 


I’m going to go finish my homework.





One thought on “Just a Mini Post…. More like, Rant.

  1. You have never ever lost me. I don’t text you as much because I know you’re busy. I feel like I’m failing you, my friend. I told you once, and I’ll tell you again, that once you have me, you have me for life. You’re stuck with me. You’re one of the only people that I don’t have to put on an act for, you know my secrets, my fears, my hopes, my dreams. You’re not failing me, and you’re definitely not losing me. I feel like I’m failing you.

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