What To Ask a Radio Personality/Jockey….?

Hey y’all! I hope everyone is doing great!

So, I’m gathering a list of questions (some serious, some light) to ask Rick Sabine of 107.3 WYBZ (Classic Rock station) located in Zanesville, Ohio.

If there is anything that you have ever wanted to ask a Radio Personality/Jockey, now is one of the times to submit your questions! (And this also helps me out even more!)

To submit your questions, please comment below or you can email them at: ellie21wordpress@gmail.com

For more information on 107.3 WYBZ, please visit: 107.3 WYBZ

For more information on Rick Sabine, please visit his page on the station’s website: Rick Sabine

Please submit your questions by September 30th 2015 at Midnight EST.



“Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever”

Okay, I’ll admit it. This made me tear up a little. Being a somewhat newly engaged woman myself, this touched me. My fiance wasn’t this extravagant on his proposal, and I am perfectly fine with that. It’s not about the proposal. At least, to me it isn’t.

Anyways, check out this amazing video of a marriage proposal!


If the video does not pop up, here’s the link! Epic Marriage Proposal