The Inspiration of My Life, the Tag of my Blog.

“Happiness hit her like a bullet in the back. Struck from a great height By someone who should know better than that.” (Dog Days are Over) by Florence + The Machine (Lungs, 2010)

Florence Welch. Florence and The Machine (or, Florence + The Machine). Dog Days are Over. Shake It Out. No Light, No Light.

You may have heard of that woman, Florence. You may have even heard of the group she created with her friend Isabella Summers. You may have heard of any of these songs on the radio, on your iPod/MP3/Radio.

If you haven’t, you will now. I present to you… the woman, the group and the song, that saved my life in High School, that continues to save my life, and is the reason for my tagline (see above in bold).

I present to you, a song that made the charts in 2010, written by Florence Welch and Isabella Summers, Dog Days Are Over. 

Back when the song had aired on radio, I stopped in my tracks. I was cleaning my room and house that day, and I stopped. I turned up my stereo. I listened to the words. The excitement. I remember googling the words, and it only took me one read-through and another listen and I knew them by heart.

I was in my Junior year of High School. I was constantly bullied like any other person in the school system. I had a great Mom, a shitty Dad who had basically ignored me my entire childhood and further on. And alas my new confession, I was a cutter from my Sophomore year in High School, past my Senior. I finally stopped for good though, awhile back. Like, once I slapped myself silly and had a fight with my Best Friend, Tricia. I don’t believe I’ll be doing that one again.

But, no other song has even came close to getting me as high as it does, as free, and no other song has saved me from my demons than ‘Dog Days Are Over’.

Florence Welch, the lead-singer (or well, the only singer really), has officially been quoted to have said this about ‘Dog Days Are Over’ :

“For me, ‘Dog Days’ symbolizes apocalyptic euphoria, chaotic freedom and running really, really fast with your eyes closed”

-Florence Welch on ‘Dog Days are Over’ meaning.

For me, Florence had successfully portrayed that symbolism into the song, and her performances on the official music video and how upbeat it really is.

When Florence + The Machine performed live at Glastonbury back in 2009, (I have to admit, geez, what a boring crowd…) It was on of my favorite live performances I’ve ever seen. No, I haven’t seen her in person (It’s a dream of mine…) but I had youtubed it, and fell in love with it. Here she is, huge stage, something like 6 inch heels. And she is RUNNING fast, chaotic, with all that euphoria. And she passed it onto me, through a radio, and through a youtube video.
When I listen to the song now, I run around like a madman (with a blue box…sorry, Doctor Who ref), and I sing it at the top of my lungs, or if I’m in my car, I will roll down all the windows, and turn it up loud, singing, driving freely, so that I can pass all my HAPPINESS onto other people. (See this video:  )

I cannot explain the joy, the happiness I get whenever I listen to her music, or just Dog Days Are Over. But, I feel as if I’m the free-est person in the entire universe.

So, Thank YOU, Florence Leontine Mary Welch, for not only saving my life in High School, but for continuing to save me further on.

I hope you someday get to read this, and I hope to someday to even get to meet you in person. Maybe even a hug. Or, the ultimate dream, to have you as a Best Friend.

Love Always,