“Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever”

Okay, I’ll admit it. This made me tear up a little. Being a somewhat newly engaged woman myself, this touched me. My fiance wasn’t this extravagant on his proposal, and I am perfectly fine with that. It’s not about the proposal. At least, to me it isn’t.

Anyways, check out this amazing video of a marriage proposal!


If the video does not pop up, here’s the link! Epic Marriage Proposal


A New Year.

Well, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it. I haven’t really known what to write, to be honest, yet so much has happened since August. So, now I’m now getting to update. Yay!

Things to Update –

  • Made it to One-Year Anniversary with my amazing boyfriend ❤
  • Went to Niagara Falls, Canada.
  • Watched all of the Avengers cartoons on Netflix.
  • Looked at a house with my amazing boyfriend
  • Graduated with my Associates degree in Criminal Justice.
  • Got a new job!
  • Got my first credit card
  • Got a Beautiful promise ring from said amazing boyfriend


Should I necessarily go in order? Eh. Let’s not and say I did. 🙂

So, you might have read in a previous blog post where my boyfriend and I had made it “official” on April 26th. Our actual official anniversary is December 18th. Our Facebook official is April 26th. To clear that up. Anyways, on 12-18-14, we made it to our One-Year. I love this man to death and wouldn’t, couldn’t trade him for anything.

strip relationship


During the first week of June 4th, 5th and 6th, my mother and I went on a bus trip to Niagara Falls, Canada. Amazing place. So beautiful. I recommend going.

greetings canada card


I watched all of the “Avengers” cartoons from start to finish on Netflix. My favorite is Iron Man and Captain America. Robert Downey Jr. is a stud. ;P (Don’t Tell my Boyfriend that….although I think he already knows…)


Looked at a nice house with said amazing boyfriend. Pretty house, too big for us though 😦


Graduated with my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. 🙂
I’ll be going to Ohio University for my Criminal Justice Bachelor’s degree in Fall 2015 with a minor in Forensics and Theatre.

graduation gibson graduation


Left my waitress job behind and got a Security Officer job. Woo!

work glasses


Applied and was granted a Discover Student Credit Card. Nice backup. I highly recommended Discover.

Got a Beautiful infinity promise ring from my amazing boyfriend. I’m in love with this ring, and I’m in Love with him. ❤


Anywho. I’ll have more later!




Thanks For The Icy Buckets

Thanks For The Icy Buckets.


❤ LOVE this post by Rachel Miner who played Meg Masters (Demon) on Supernatural (CW) from 2009-2013.

She had blogged about her views on seeing others do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Rachel has been diagnosed with MS, but to read such a post, makes me even want to cry.




If you’re just now following me….!

Hey y’all! 

If you’re just now following me, I’ve re-amped my ‘Where Am I’ tab, under ‘About Ellie Mae’. 

I’ve added my Official (Yes, Official) links such as; Youtube, Facebook Page, Google+, and Fanfiction account. 

My youtube, google+ and Facebook page is brand spankin’ new! So, check out the linksss!




Why Dating May Not Seem Such a Bad Idea….After all.

First of All – 

Happy Veteran’s Day to all of those who have served, who are still currently serving and those who have given their lives up so that we may be free.

Have YOU Thanked a Veteran today?

Anyways – I spent the morning walking in the parade in town, handing out flags to the public. Yes, it was so cold, my fingers froze and my nose ran. But it was just a really great experience to be walking among the men and women who have served, feeling like I was doing my own duty.

I got to meet one of my cousins I’ve never even met on my Dad’s side of the family. Great guy. Then, there was another guy who’s name I’ve sadly forgotten. And then there’s this other guy. A few years older than me. Really… cute? If I say adorable, I dunno how a guy would react to that. Anyways. He seems really great. He’s single as well.

I mean – don’t get me wrong. I’m not in a huge rush to get into a relationship and get serious. But if it happens, it happens. I mean, I still plan on living my life how I want, living my dreams. I’d just like to be with someone who won’t purposely try to hold me back, tell me I can’t do something. I want someone who can/will tell me that I can do anything, if I put my mind and heart into it. I’d like support (not necessarily financial, but like a “you can do it!” kind of support) in things I’d like to do, just like I want to be able to support them in their own dreams. Be their Team cheer-person. Cheesy, I know.

I mean, I don’t want some poor example of the men in some of my distant family who don’t know how to treat any female with respect, who hinders others from their goals, and are controlling. I don’t want an alcoholic. My Father is/was one. I don’t want that same experience. I deserve better.

Someone who know’s how to have fun without thinking he’s the best thing out there. Someone who wouldn’t cheat on me, or lie to me. I’d rather you tell me the truth about everything, than be lied to. If I was in a relationship or marriage, and the other person didn’t love me anymore, then I want to be told. Not lied to, or cheated on.

I don’t want to be controlled. I wanna be talked to like a normal human being. Because I am.

But anyways. Maybe I’ll go by the guys’ work and I dunno, give him my numbers. Take a shot. Won’t know unless I try.



What I’ve been doing – (While away from WordPress…)

Hello All! – 

Yes, it’s me. Again. I realize my blog was thrown for a loop. Here I am, posting every day it seems, then I go what, almost two weeks without? Yeah, Life happened. Well, it always happens, but Reality caught up. As much as I don’t recognize “Reality”, it did. My views on Reality, is that when you finally see Reality and live in it, you’re no longer you. 

It sounds ubber confusing, I know, I know. It’s just, a lot of my family used to be Happy. Until they focused on the crappy reality, and now, they’re either depressed and alcoholics, workaholics, rude and angry, just to name a few emotions. Yeah, I start worrying on how I’m gonna pay for my college education (btw, I graduate in 2 Semesters!), and everybody always says that $10,000 is not a lot of money. Hello! I’ve never SEEN $10,000 in my LIFE. Never. And now, that debit is in MY name. Don’t even ask me about the Department of Education. 

Cause I’ll rip that entire thing to shreds. Freakin’ rip it. 

Anyways – 
Reality = Bad. Don’t focus on Reality. You become this weird angry person. Unless it’s your cuppa tea. 

JingleBells, JingleBells, JingleAllTheWay…….

Sorry, I needed a random break-line. Cute song. 

While away from WordPress, I have; 

  • Participated in Halloween festivities by Dressing up and LARPing. (Sorta.)
  • Have watched Felicia Day’s episode of ‘Supernatural – 9×04 “Slumber Party”
    One Word – “Ding Dong, Bitches.”
  • Recently gotten back into WoW. For the non-nerds who don’t understand… World of Warcraft. Please. Get into it. Addicting. (Well, so is STO [Star Trek Online]…) Felicia Day even plays. Word.
  • Gone through insane Auditions and a couple productions
  • Studied a dissected frog. Poor thing. 
  • Put together like 2 presentations on Criminalistics I topics. (Hair and Fiber Examinations and Typed Document Examinations. Go me!)
  • Lost another Mother. She was like, my other mother growing up. Technically, she’s one of my BFF’s Mom’s, but hey, her parents became my other parents. I went to her showing on Thursday night, but since her death, I’ve been thrown for a complete loop. ♥ Rest in Peace; Diana Sue Hayes Cline.♥ 
  • Geek-ed out with BlizzCon2013. Check out http://www.WorldofWarcraft.com or more info. (Of course, it was a virtual Live! thing for me. I’m hoping for SupernaturalCon, and ComicCon in a year or two. Who’s been to any Cons? Comment and tell me YOUR experience. 🙂
  • Made my own CoffeeExpresso milkshake to my brothers’ Chicken Enchilada’s. Yummy on both behalf’s. See a post coming soon for recipes. 
  • AND – I’ve been drawing up Ideas for my own Webshow, hosted by me! Also, of course, featuring my amazing friends, and hopefully some other awesome people. :3


Wowee. A lot, right? What have you all been up to in the meantime?


XO. Ellie-Mae

Guest Blog #1 – Rynne Harrison

Rynne’s Random Blog #1

I’ve been asked by Ellie to be a guest blogger, so here I am. Hope this is random enough for ya.

When I first started my own blog, and told some people about it, the first thing that was said was, “Is your life really that interesting?” To that, I replied, “No, it isn’t. It’s for my writing.” Which is true. It is for my writing. Yes, I’m one of those. I write fanfiction. No, I don’t write Twilight Fanfiction, or Dr. Who, or even Supernatural. I write Star Trek fanfiction. Yes, you heard me right. I am a Trekker. But not only that, I’m a child of the science-fiction genre.

It’s taken me over twenty years to admit it, but it’s true. My first experience that I remember was sitting in a dark movie theatre and watching the first scene of Star Wars, the classic trilogy. My three-year-old eyes taking in the blockade runner racing across the screen with the massive Star Destroyer lumbering after it, laser blasts hitting the hull of the small ship. Seeing the characters in life and death situations, and finally beholding the terrifying vision of Darth Vader, probably one of the best movie villains of all time was a life-changing experience. When I saw all of it, was when I fell in love with the movies. Not only did I fall in love with the movie itself, but I fell in love with the craft of making movies, especially science-fiction. Let me explain.

Making movies is not only a job, but it’s an art form. It’s not just a process, but it’s a journey. Crafting a character takes time, skill, patience, and a little bit of luck. The only reason why I know this, is that I did some classes in college and a play, so I am, by no means, a professional. To see what goes on behind the scenes is magic to me.

To me, life is like the movies. I know…I know. You’re probably thinking what does this person know. She’s not even a professional. Well, before ya’ll go off on me, let me defend myself.

Life is a journey, a process, if you will. No, it’s not scripted, but if you figure things out just enough, you can make that journey worthwhile. Yes, there may be bumps in the road, and situations that you don’t know how to handle, but if you think of yourself as a character, it helps you thing of ways to cope through some of the hardest things that you have to face.

My happiest place on earth, growing up or even now, is sitting in a darkened movie theater or my darkened living room, and watching the heroics of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, or Han Solo, or the rebellious antics of my favorite captain of the Starship Enterprise, James T. Kirk, (personally I like Chris Pine’s version, but then again, I just like to look at Mr. Pine, but the acting ability that he has is definitely a plus), and the rest of the crew, or the seductive nature of Gary Oldman’s Dracula.

Life is one giant action sequence. You have to grab hold and ride it for all it’s worth. Don’t be afraid, because unlike the movies, you don’t get a second take.


To Read more of Rynne Harrison’s work, go to: http://rynneharrisonfiction.wordpress.com/

Updates that’ll be coming your way!

Updates that will be posted: 
– After!Post of ‘Supernatural’ 9×04 “Slumber Party” (feat. Felicia Day & Tiio Horn)
– Audition America Talent Production & My Involvement.
– Fanfiction stuffs
– Random stuffs
– Death of a friend and mother. ♥ Rest in Peace; Diana Sue Hayes Cline.♥ 11/3/2013♥
– WoW. -World of Warcraft, nerds….
– Recipes. Mine and the Brothers’. 
-Halloween. LARP & The Costumed Girl. ;D

**These Updates will not be in this exact order. But oh well. 


XO – Ellie-Mae. 

Why I Have a Good Amount of Respect for Britney Spears.

Yea – my first Non-‘Supernatural’ post in a long time it seems. So, go you! 🙂

Anyways, this has been in my head for awhile, and it will probably seem a little silly, considering the circumstances.

But, I’ve realized, I have a pretty good amount of respect for Britney Spears. Y’all know her by being the Princess of Pop. She earned that title, fair and square. Along with Backstreet Boys and NSync. 

I was only like ten years old when the three bands came out, my first taste of modern-90’s pop. 

Britney had talent then, and while I don’t listen to much of her music today, I still listen to some of it. I fell in Love with “Baby One More Time”, “U Drive Me Crazy”, “Stronger”, “Oops! I Did It Again”. 

She grew into Hollywood at a young age, and like any other human being, made a few awkward and insane choices. K-Fed was one, but she got two beautiful son’s that she loves, and you can tell. The whole black hair, then shaving it off, and public indecency she had been judged for by the paparazzi.  I have found people just go through a stage like that. I might not have done what she’s done, or what you might have done, but I went through a stage in my life where I rebelled. 

Only instead of my teenage years, its kinda like now. 

But, I don’t do outrageous things. At least, not yet anyways. LOL.

Anyways, my point is, she’s been through a lot, her own demons and all, and she came out at the top. She never let the insane choices she made control her for long. Britney changed for her future and her son’s future. 

Now, she’s had 10-years in the perfume business, and countless albums along with chart-toppers. And that’s AFTER everything that has happened.


She has respect for her fans, and just basically, for everybody else. She knows we’re responsible for her success over the years, and Britney really does appreciate it. I can tell. And here’s this; 


I’m not a person who judges anybody. Y’all have your demons and lives and choices. I’m a Christian (though – I don’t go into depth on it. No worries.), and it’s God’s job to judge us. Not mine, and certainly not anybody else’s. 


Who I don’t really have much respect for, is people like Miley Cyrus. Sure – I thought Hannah Montana was great. Billy Ray was great. Billy Ray is also my Aunt’s cousin, who used to perform at the family reunion every few years. Of course, she’s an Aunt by marriage, so he’s obviously not related to me.

Yea – I listen to some of her songs, when I’m working out. “We Can’t Stop” when I’m working out, or need something a little upbeat. But, that’s it. Her behavior is crazy and insane, just watch the VMA’s. I’m not gonna sit here and type everything I felt about that weird performance. Then her twitter response to one of the “little people” coming out about how degraded she felt about how she was laughed at. Miley’s response?


She could have at least taken a minute, and say “Well, I’m sorry she felt that way, but I wish her the best of Luck in the future.” She wouldn’t have to make a snide remark about how the girl wouldn’t get anywhere in life without her, blah blah blah, and she wouldn’t have to say anything mean and disrespectful. Miley could have been the bigger person, said sorry (even if she doesn’t give two Sh*ts), and moved on.

But no – the 20-year old has to act like a spoiled, don’t-give-a-f*ck-about-anybody-else-but-me little girl who admits to doing “molly”, aka Ecstacy.

Excuse me, is that legal now in California? Was it ever legal? Its a damn drug, not exactly medical marijuana. I understand it’s just heresay, although, publically, but damn. Someone give this girl an attitude check. PLEASE.

Anyways. That’s all I have for now. Hate if ya want. You’re entitled to your own opinions, just like I am. (Though – as long as it’s not a threatening BS thing. I wouldn’t stoop that low anyways….)

Look for my next post coming up later this evening. It’ll have a ‘Gravity’ (George Clooney, Sandra Bullock) mention, “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey, ‘Supernatural’ (yes, I know) mention, with Felicia Day, along with news about my new web-video series.

I will also be having a couple guest bloggers write a couple posts that will be up within the next couple of days. They’re good friends of mine, Rynne and Tricia. 

I appreciate everyone who takes time to follow and like my blog. It means a lot, and while I wanna say I hope I don’t ever offend anybody TOO bad, I’m not gonna watch too carefully on what I say. I will probably never discuss my Christianity and especially Political stance with anybody either. Unless you seriously wanna converse. But be forewarned, I’m outspoken and can get very serious.