What To Ask a Radio Personality/Jockey….?

Hey y’all! I hope everyone is doing great!

So, I’m gathering a list of questions (some serious, some light) to ask Rick Sabine of 107.3 WYBZ (Classic Rock station) located in Zanesville, Ohio.

If there is anything that you have ever wanted to ask a Radio Personality/Jockey, now is one of the times to submit your questions! (And this also helps me out even more!)

To submit your questions, please comment below or you can email them at: ellie21wordpress@gmail.com

For more information on 107.3 WYBZ, please visit: 107.3 WYBZ

For more information on Rick Sabine, please visit his page on the station’s website: Rick Sabine

Please submit your questions by September 30th 2015 at Midnight EST.



Psychiatric Help: 25cents

Hello, all. =]

I promise, I’m not dry. I’m more of the OmgI’mGoingToSpontaneouslyCombustofRandomExcitement. Or just in laymens terms, I’m a really happy person. Or rather, excited. 

I turned 21 this past March (2013), and for the first time in my entire life, I feel alive. Well, as alive as I can feel, considering that the government considers me to still be “dependent” in my financial status. At least until I’m 24. Okay – so, what do I do, with an Associates degree, for three years, until I can go back to college and be able to afford it?

At this point, I will owe like $13,000 in loan. For a simple, 2-year (that’s taken me 3.5 years) Associates degree in Police Science. From what I suppose they now call a “community college”, even though supposedly they have named our college the 9th top college in the nation. Oh wow….

Enough about that, I suppose.

During my recent trip to Columbus, Ohio (I live like 2 hours away), I met one of my new Best Friends, Rynne. The girl is amazing. We’re both writers, and have been through so much in our lives, and we can relate to each other a ton. We had been talking for a few months now, chatting, and obsessing over Star Trek. Yes, I am a ‘Trekkie’. Go me. 

I have never been to the Easton mall in Columbus, at all. So, at like, 10:30am on Saturday, Rynne took us over to the mall so she could pick her Mac up from the Apple Store. Holy. Poo. I have NEVER been in an Apple Store. Never. And I loved it. I have never been in half of the stores that are at Easton. 

I mean – you’ve got NY&Co, Tiffany’s, Macy’s, (I mean, freakin’ Macy’s!), AMC Theatre, our old Hot Topic that relocated, and they even had PAYPHONES. Yes. Payphones. Not only. But they have the RedTelephoneBoxesfromLONDON. Or well, the plastic replica’s at least. Still. OMG. :3

So, plenty of pics, the best PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) I have ever tasted from Starbucks (<3), walking, and just looking. Okay – I might have tried on some amazing dresses too. 

Which – is an exciting story in itself. Since August 2013, I have lost 20 pounds, 3-4 sizes. I went from an 18-20, to a 15-16, 12-14. From an XL to a M-L. To be able to try on a TON of new things waaaay smaller than I’ve wore for YEARS, well, it’s enough to make you cry, considering your clothes come from Goodwill, because you can afford Goodwill, and you don’t mind, though you crave to buy new and amazing. 

So, I entered a Talent search agency the other day. Hoping for the Absolute best. Seriously. All I’ve ever really wanted in life, is to do the impossible. I’ve spent 18 years, putting myself down. (OK – maybe not eighteen…more like fifteen…) And now, I just want my chance to feel as amazing as I should. I look great, I’m a work in progress. I’m finding out who I really am supposed to be in life. I’m a Lover of the Philosophical. Fearless. Happy. 

I suppose until my plans are concrete, I’m going with; Moving to Columbus after May, Try to build up experience with the Arts, become a flight attendant, work hard, Dream big. Continue being Fearless. Worthy. Happy. 

Until next time,

Ellie Mae. 

PS: I would Love to hear from anybody who reads this. Maybe tomorrow I’ll bless you with a Philosophy lesson or something from my wise brain. ;P