I Iz on Tumblrrrrr. :3

Okay, I’m on Tumblr. It’s been a LONG while, and I used to go crazy with my fandoms…. oh wait, I still do.



You may see a lot of Florence + The Machine, Doctor Who, some Supernatural and other stuffs!





Post Fix: Whoops! I forgot to put in my link…. http://ellie-andthemachine.tumblr.com/ 


Updates that’ll be coming your way!

Updates that will be posted: 
– After!Post of ‘Supernatural’ 9×04 “Slumber Party” (feat. Felicia Day & Tiio Horn)
– Audition America Talent Production & My Involvement.
– Fanfiction stuffs
– Random stuffs
– Death of a friend and mother. ♥ Rest in Peace; Diana Sue Hayes Cline.♥ 11/3/2013♥
– WoW. -World of Warcraft, nerds….
– Recipes. Mine and the Brothers’. 
-Halloween. LARP & The Costumed Girl. ;D

**These Updates will not be in this exact order. But oh well. 


XO – Ellie-Mae.